“I’m glad my mom died”; Jennette McCurdy’s new book

USA.- Jennette mccurdy She was one of the most popular young actresses on Nickelodeon, where she played Sam in the iCarly and Sam & Cat series. After several years away from the small screen, today she is a trend again, due to the announcement of the release of her new book .

The 29-year-old artist surprised everyone with the announcement of his new book entitled “I’m glad my mom died”, where she will talk about her worst moments in her personal and professional life, due to the pressures she had to be a young worker and be the only breadwinner in her family.

The actress’s memoir has a very peculiar titlewhat talks about the relationship he had with his mother before she died and the way he exploited her in the workplace when she was just a girl.

Despite how funny the cover may look, where joy, comedy and fun are appreciated, hides references to the death of his mother like an urn for ashes full of confetti and a cheerful expression that is combined with indifference.

In this regard, the protagonist of iCarly explained during an interview for EW: “The confetti spilling from an urn seemed like a good way to capture the humor of the tragedy, but I knew that I did not want to go so far as to throw the confetti or jump in the air with a big smile on my face, or make any other type of body language/facial expression that could be read as flippant. In the end, I chose a facial expression that I think reads as sincere, a little pain, and a little bit of hope”.

In her memoir, Jennette McCurdy tells how her mother pushed her to be one of the most acclaimed stars on the small screen, but against her will, which led her to suffer from anxiety, self-loathing, shame, addictions, relationships unhealthy and even serious eating disorders.

Through a statement, the Nickelodeon star revealed that she wants to tell everything that she has been silent for years and that she could not say due to her age and the control they exercised over her, but now is the time.

“It was important for me to explore the emotional and psychological abuse that I endured during my time as a young actress. I feel like I didn’t. I didn’t have the tools, language or support to speak up for myself back then,” she added during her conversation.

The book entitled “I’m glad my mom died” will go on sale to the general public in August this year.

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