“I’m going to reach you”: Nerea Godínez’s controversial message to Octavio Ocaña

Nerea has shown her mourning process from her social networks (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

After the sensitive death of the actor Octavio Ocaña, on October 29his fiancee, Nerea Godinez has shown, over the months, the pain that his loss caused her.

This time, it was from his account. Instagram where he showed a short video where he was at a party with Ocaña and pointed out that said audiovisual represented the moment in which their love story began.

“This video is exactly one year old and at that time I did not know that we were going to start a story (because you proposed it from moment 1).Thank you for everything my king”, he mentioned.

He also commented that from that moment on, Benito Riversas the artist was known for his role in the series Neighbors, would start to be one of the most important people in your life.

“Daddy, a year ago our story began, first an incredible friendship, your counselor and your shoulder to vent and cry. You marked my life in every wayI carry you inside me for life”, Nerea deepened.

However, something that caught the attention of Internet users was that in a fragment of the message, Octavio Ocaña’s ex-fiancée said some worrying words.

“I love you with every millimeter of my being and that will be until my last day, I hope you never forget me because I will not, wait for me I promise you that I will reach you”, he explained.

Nerea Godínez shared an emotional message Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo
Nerea Godínez shared an emotional message (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

In this situation, users of Instagram They quickly reacted and some of them remarked how exemplary the relationship between them was.

“Remember that people really go away when we stop remembering them so let’s always remember Tavo, rlet’s remember him with love, let’s remember him as he wantedwith a big smile even if it hurts” or “What a beautiful love story in which they have to continue but when God decides it a big hug for you nere and for Octavio’s family”, were some of the mentions he received.

It should be remembered that just a month ago they restarted the recordings of Neighbors and the companions of the cast of Octavio Ocaña remembered the deceased actor.

Verania Lukenone of the actresses of this humorous series, recently carried out a dynamic on her Instagram account to answer questions from fans, one of them asked her about the recordings of Neighbors and it was then that she mentioned that the cast of the production “felt” the presence of Ocaña:

Well, we’re making progress, my colleagues won’t let me lie, I feel Octavio very strongly on set, in the recordings, in the forum

Nerea Godínez launches an emotional message in her Instagram story photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo
Nerea Godínez launches an emotional message on her Instagram (photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

After the death of Octavio Ocaña on October 29, 2021, the filming of Neighbors had to continue without the actor, however, in addition to dedicating seasons 12 and 13 to honor him, Pickle Original revealed that his character I would still be present through text messagessimulating that Benito Rivers went on a trip.

The actress Verania did not specify whether the presence of her deceased colleague it was “manifesting” with some paranormal eventso the feeling that Ocaña is still in the recording studio could be understood as the motivation of the cast in the face of the constant reminder of his absence.

At the end of December 2021, Darius Ripoll Y Laura Spain They showed some photographs from the recording set of Neighbors without his endearing companion.


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