“I’m late for church”: A bride’s desperate request to a motorist to take her to her wedding

The bride thought she would not make it to her wedding because 3 taxis canceled her trip.

Photo: Leah Kelley/Pexels

We have all experienced at some point in our lives the so-called “Murphy’s Law”, as we popularly say to those events that happen to us, contrary to what we had been expecting.

And it is that sometimes, fate often plays against us and therefore, nothing goes as planned. That’s what happened to a london bride identified only as Anastasia, whose bad luck on their wedding day went viral on TikTok and who fortunately, thanks to the good heart of a driver, their wedding had a happy ending.

A man called Marksteen Adamson He was driving through the streets of the British capital because he was going to a meeting with his friends when suddenly, he ran into a woman in her wedding dress, very desperate, on the street.

“When I stopped at a crosswalk and saw a girlfriend who seemed confused and nervous. I started filming because I thought it would be a great shot of her to see her cross the street in her full outfit, ”she recounted in the video uploaded to TikTok.

So Marksteen decided to stop and approached the girl with his car. She is she began to walk towards her car, making various movements. She then she told him that He was trying to get to his wedding but it seemed to be an impossible mission, since 3 taxis that he had requested in advance canceled his trip.


Was driving through london traffic to visit friends for a reunion lunch in South East London when I stopped at a padestrian crossing and saw a bride looking confused and flustered. I started filming as I thought it would be a great shot seeing her cross the road in her full attire. Then she saw me and started walking towards me and gesturing. It turns out that she and her de ella brides maid and team had been trying to order Uber cabs but three cabs had canceled at the last minute and she was 45min late for church. Everyone, most importantly her husbands de ella to be de ella, were wating at Holy Trinity Bromton for her to artive. She asked if I could give her and the group a lift, and so they jumped in to my landrover and I drove her to church. In our short time together we had lots of quick short conversations about everthing and got to know each other a little better and new friendships were made. After I dropped her off de ella I heard the sound of the organ ring out and knew everything was going to be alright. It was a beautiful sunny day.

♬ Going To The Chapel – The Paragons

Hearing this, The man told his girlfriend and her companions to get into his car because he would take her to the place where her wedding would take place. “I’m late for church. Please hurry up,” said the protagonist.

Fortunately, and thanks to the action of the driver, Anastasia was able to arrive on time for the ceremony.

“In our short time together we had a lot of short, quick conversations about everything and got to know each other a little better and made new friends. After I left her, I heard the sound of the organ and I knew everything was going to be alright,” she concluded.

Internet users applauded the great gesture that the young man had with a girlfriend in distress. Many comments were given on the video in which some could be seen as all the good that he did will be restarted one day.

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