“I’m not dead, nor do I have cancer”: Natalia Lafourcade reacts to false news of her death

Mexico. “I’m not dead, nor do I have cancer”, this is how Natalia Lafourcade responds on Twitter after learning that on the morning of this Monday, January 24, the news of his alleged death was spread in many media.

Natalia Lafourcade alerts fans about fake news, and many of them expressed their sadness and condolences to the singer’s family, after learning that he had lost his life.

“I just saw a video on YouTube where they say that I died this morning, that I am dead. I am sending you this little video from the kitchen of my house”, comments Natalia Lafourcade in the video she posts on Twitter.

The same thing has happened to many celebrities on several occasions; the news of their alleged deaths spread on the internet and now it was Natalia Lafourcade’s turn be a victim of fake news

“I am alive, I have not had any wake, I do not have cancer or, I am dead. I am here in the kitchen of my home enjoying a break between recordings of upcoming projects”, adds Natalia Lafourcade in the video.

Natalia, singer of songs like Hasta la root, asks her own followers for help to share the video in which she clarifies who is well and alive, to deny the information that has caused concern to his family, friends and fans.

María Natalia Lafourcade Silva is the full name of the artist, who is originally from Mexico City, (1984), and is also a composer, actress, music producer, arranger, and designer.

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According to information in her biography, Natalia Laourcade has won many national and international awards, including two Grammy Awards, fourteen Latin Grammy Awards, five Latin American MTV Video Music Awards, among others.

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