“I’m not going back,” says Florcita Polo after announcing the end of her marriage to Néstor Villanueva

little flower pole was presented this Wednesday, December 19, on the set of “In everyone’s mouth” and provided details of the end of her marriage to Néstor Villanueva, after 14 years of relationship.

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Susy Díaz’s daughter said that it did bother her that her still husband and father of her children had greeted saying on national television that he was single.

“Of course, yes, because if you have seen my statements I have said that I was not going to speak, that I was going to stay on the sidelines, I thought I would do the same, but then he came out saying one thing that I could only reaffirm. We each took some time to see what would happen. I did not declare absolutely, but he spoke. Actually, what annoys me is that he keeps talking about our private life.” he said at the beginning.

At another time, Susy Díaz’s daughter confessed that the relationship “cooled off” due to the lack of attention from Néstor Villanueva.

“There was a lot of lack of attention, that’s why I decided to dedicate myself to my things. To have lasted so long if there was love, but there was a lot of lack of attention “, commented.

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On the other hand, Florcita clarified that at the moment she does not want to give herself a new opportunity in love, because she only wants to focus on her children. “I think not at the moment, I am dedicated to my children, to my family, not at the moment”, narrowed down

Finally, the businesswoman said that her decision to separate from the singer is firm and that she will not back down.. “I am not going back, neither to go back nor to gain momentum, the decision was made by me”, emphasized.


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