Immigrant papers problem AMLO Mexico attacks US ‘pressure’

  • A start by the President of Mexico, AMLO, will it jeopardize papers for immigrants?
  • Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that he will not allow himself to be ‘pressured’ by the US government
  • Migration issues are becoming a ‘headache’ for both Mexico and the United States.

Are papers for immigrants in danger? After AMLO, President of Mexico, assured weeks ago that together with the US they went hand in hand ‘in the best way’ to guarantee benefits to the undocumented, now, some statements by the Aztec counterpart could lead to a ‘conflict’ or difference with the Biden Government.


As reported by Agencia EFE, through his usual morning conference, Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured this Wednesday that he will not allow himself to be pressured by anyone, in clear allusion to the United States, and also is neither a ‘wimp’ or ’employee’ of the government by Joe Biden, controversial statements aimed at negotiations for migrants.

Endangered papers for immigrants? Some statements by AMLO could cloud everything

AMLO is not intimidated by the US

And it is that recently more caravans of migrants have been formed from Central America who will have to pass through Mexico to go to the United States to fulfill the ‘American dream’ and the Biden Government would have agreed with AMLO to prevent them from passing in exchange for ‘benefits’ and negotiations regarding the undocumented.

Therefore, the President of Mexico was questioned about his actions against the migrant caravans that have been disintegrated and he was very clear in pointing out: “We do not accept pressure from any government, Mexico is an independent, sovereign country and we are freer than ever. ”, He assured.

Goodbye papers for immigrants? President of Mexico could ‘stoke’ risks with the US

AMLO and Mexico endanger immigrant papers

“Yes, we have this situation that worries us and that we are taking care of, but it is not because we are fighters or employees of the United States Government, it is that we are putting order and helping, protecting,” said Andrés Manuel López Obrador on the issue of migrants.

The problem with the issue is that while Mexico tries to comply with the ‘requests’ of the United States regarding the undocumented, the number of South Americans who wish to pass through the Aztec country to reach the one governed by Biden is growing more and more, and in recent days, National Guard agents have been criticized for dismantling the caravans, allegedly violating human rights.

“We do not allow ourselves to be pressured,” says AMLO. Indirect for the US?

AMLO US immigrant papers

Are papers for immigrants in danger due to the controversial statements of the President of Mexico? After agreeing that Biden would help legalize the situation of thousands of undocumented immigrants in exchange for the Aztec country doing the same to stop migration, AMLO ignited the controversy by saying:

“We do not allow ourselves to be pressured by any foreign government, we act in accordance with the principles of our foreign policy,” he was incisive in clarifying that Mexico has never been ‘managed’ by the US or by any of the conditions set in this new administration. , as it happened with Trump.

AMLO assures that the National Guard does not ‘violate human rights’ of migrants

Immigrant papers Mexico

The indications of the US and Mexico are to ‘protect’ migrants by preventing their passage, however it is to ‘protect’ them from crime on their way, but this is paradoxical given that Central Americans have been fleeing their countries of origin precisely because of violence and the economy.

Double standards on migration? AMLO says that far from wanting to harm the undocumented, he intends to help them … but wouldn’t his statements ignite a conflict with Biden and the immigration papers? At least, López Obrador said that there is no “double discourse” on this issue and that the National Guard agents are not armed against the caravans.

A letter to stop the migratory flow is the one that AMLO will send to the US government

AMLO attacks the US

Central American papers AMLO. The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, revealed this Thursday that next week he will send a letter to his US counterpart, Joe Biden, to insist that he address the “causes” of forced migration and offer temporary work visas for Central Americans. .

“That’s how I’m going to put it back to President Biden next week at the latest. I will send you a letter because we cannot just be detaining, holding, we must address the causes, “said López Obrador during his morning press conference at the National Palace. HERE YOU CAN SEE AMLO’s controversial statements about the United States

The Government of Mexico tries to “keep” the migrants in the southeast of the country: Central American papers AMLO

"Imagine if this happens to us in Mexico" Central American papers AMLO
Photo: AP

The president insisted on his plan to extend his Sembrando Vida reforestation program to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and that the United States provide temporary work visas to the 330,000 farmers who sign up for the plan so that “they can go to work for six months and return to see their plantations ”.

After the practical dissolution of the first two by the authorities, a third migrant caravan made up of hundreds of people, mostly Haitians, Venezuelans and Central Americans, left Tapachula, in the southeastern state of Chiapas, on Wednesday north of Mexico bound for the United States. Filed Under: AMLO Mexico-US Immigrant Papers

“He had never pronounced the word wall before me,” says AMLO about the pact with Trump: Central American papers AMLO

"He had never spoken the word wall before me", assures AMLO about the pact with Trump
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López Obrador said that the Government of Mexico tries to “keep” the migrants in the southeast of the country because if they continue their journey to the United States they run “many risks of violation of human rights, especially on the northern border.” the 2010 San Fernando massacre by the Zetas against migrants and the murder of Guatemalans who were burned in Tamaulipas months ago.

“We are doing work to contain the migratory influx as far as we can and at the same time we continue to insist with the United States Government so that it is attended as soon as possible so that action is taken and opportunities are given to those who by necessity have to leave. their peoples, ”he insisted. This week a video went viral showing how two Mexican immigration agents kicked a Haitian migrant when breaking up a caravan heading north. During his government report on Wednesday, López Obrador said that it was an “exceptional case”, that the officials “were dismissed” and that under his mandate “no human rights of migrants have been violated”. Filed Under: AMLO Mexico-US Immigrant Papers

“He could not stand the laughter,” says AMLO about the pact with Trump: Central American papers AMLO

"He couldn't hold back the laughter"says about pact with Trump

When Biden arrived at the White House, he suspended the program “Remain in Mexico” of his predecessor, Donald Trump (2017-2021), which forced asylum seekers to wait for their hearing from Mexican territory. In addition, the migratory flow picked up again so that the United States detained 212,672 undocumented immigrants at its southern border last July, the highest number in 20 years. On the other hand, it was announced that Andrés Manuel López Obrador had a “pact of silence” with the now former US president Donald Trump on the border wall, as revealed by the Mexican president in his new book “Halfway through the road,” says Efe. ,

The Mexican president mentions this controversy when narrating that he proposed to Trump to eliminate the commissions for sending remittances in a call on March 21, 2020, according to the chapter on “Respect for the rights of others is peace” in the text. “I still hadn’t finished my proposal when he was almost shouting: ‘No, no, no,’” López Obrador writes. “Until then, he had never uttered the word wall before me, as it was an implicitly vetoed issue in our conversations.” “However, on that occasion, he told me that what he was thinking was the opposite, that is, to increase remittance commissions to pay for the wall,” he continues. Right away, López Obrador argued in the call that the wall was not working. Filed Under: AMLO Mexico-US Immigrant Papers

AMLO went from criticizing Trump to making his ‘friend’

He went from criticizing Trump to making his 'friend'
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The above when pointing to a recently found tunnel between Tijuana and San Diego, according to Efe. “The truth is that he could not bear to laugh and replied that he could not with me. Neither he nor I continued with the issue of commissions and the wall and communication ended in a good plan ”. “The pact of silence on the famous wall remains in force,” said López Obrador. The relationship with Trump is one of the themes that the Mexican president develops in his book, where he considers him a “statesman”, despite Trump’s multiple attacks on the migrant community. Filed Under: AMLO Central American Papers

The praises of López Obrador in this text have aroused criticism in Mexico because in 2017, when he was a candidate for the presidency, the leftist politician published a book entitled “Hey, Trump,” in which he criticized the Republican’s xenophobia. In contrast, in the new material, where he talks about the “surprising relationship” with the Republican, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador highlighted the “trust” that exists between the leaders of the United States and Mexico. Filed Under: AMLO Mexico-US Immigrant Papers

“With him we did very well,” says AMLO about the pact with Trump

"We did very well with him", assures

“Although many voices predicted that former President Donald Trump and I were going to confront each other, in fact the relationship was respectful and constructive for our peoples and nations,” says López Obrador in the book, according to Efe.

And a few pages later, he adds: “That is why I have always maintained that we did very well with him.” In addition, he admitted that this influenced his controversial decision last November not to recognize the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden “out of prudence.” Filed under: AMLO Mexico-USA immigrant papers. Some images of this note come from the following video

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