Impeccable Andrea Bocelli in Riviera Maya, disastrous organization

This weekend the long-awaited concert of Andrea Bocelli on the Mayan Riviera where a full house was achieved, however despite the success, the organization was overwhelmed by the lack of infrastructure, parking and order as large lines of traffic were generated during almost the entire afternoon, night and early morning, during and after the event.

From very early on, fans of Andrea Bocelli met at the different access points, there were long hours of waiting for one of the best concerts that have been presented in the Mexican Caribbeanin fact most of the fans who attended the concert who were interviewed by AmericanPost.Newsagreed that it was worth the wait in the sun and the poor organization of it.

During the concert, security elements from the three orders of government were deployed, as well as personnel from Civil protectionwho were there to support the attendees of the great concert.

Among the guests, Susana Zabaleta highlighted, they performed a song together, ‘I live for her‘ that in the first instance did not help the singer from Coahuila very much who could not reach the necessary notes and who was noted with a lot of effort to be able to perform the collaboration live, however she was applauded and recognized by the Mexican public that was present at the event of elite.

Problems with logistics of Andrea Bocelli concert exposes attendees

Impeccable Andrea Bocelli in Riviera Maya, disastrous organization

The real problem arose at the time of departure since there was only one lane to do it, the queue of cars from the concert to the Federal Highway took an average of two hours per vehicle, many chose to walk the four kilometers in their prom dresses and heels, which caused strong criticism for the organization of this recital.

In the Federal highway The problem began very early when people began to park their vehicles on the sides of it and reduced both lanes, making the section from Playa del Carmen to Cancun take two and a half hours, which managed to inconvenience tourists. and workers who came home late.

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