Impressive! Subject throws fence at thieves who fled after stealing a motorcycle from a merchant

A man from Saint Vincent, Argentina, was closing his business, but, before placing the bars, he noticed that, in the distance, some subjects were approaching on a motorcycle: they were criminals who were on the run. The subject took one of these metal objects and threw it in the direction of the thieves who fell abruptly on the runway. The footage was made trend the Youtube where everyone praised them.

A cowardly assault

And it is that this person revealed that, in the distance, he heard the cries for help from the one who criminals they had just robbed: another merchant. Also, it verified that various people tried to catch up with the thugs, but these had taken great advantage after getting on the bike.

Happens that they had just robbed the owner of a chicken joint, very close to the establishment of the hero of this story, whose actions were recorded by a security camera.

the heroic deed

In pictures dating from the past January 18, the subject is seen throwing the fence with great precision, this hit the motorcycle wheel, producing his immediate fall, but also causing another that was next to him to also end up on the pavement.

Unfortunately, the burglars quickly get up and they run away while being chased by several people who followed them from many meters behind.

For his part, the driver of the second motorcycle, who was a pizzeria delivery man (without any implication in the crime) took the worst part, because the weight of the vehicle, as well as its sudden fall on the sidewalk, caused him to lie down without being able to get up, but he was quickly helped by the neighbors of the area.

The victim’s testimony

Once the video went viral on Youtube and others social networks, the A24 news channel was able to contact the owner of the chicken store, who stated:

“I arrived at the farm after placing the order and handed over the money. I left the motorcycle on because I had to go take ten kilos of milanesas in the area. When I go to leave I see one at the door and another on top of the motorcycle. The criminals leave for the center of San Vicente. I yelled at the other merchant, the father of a friend, ‘cut them, cut them’, because they stole my motorcycle, he threw the fence at them”, revealed.

They got away with it

However, this story does not end as we would like, because the merchant explained that, despite the courageous action of this person who threw the fence, as well as the rest of the residents of the area, the thieves managed to escape in a car that was driven by another accomplice.