Impressive video of the driver of a BMW running over assailants in “self-defense”

Colombia.- Through social networks it was spread the awesome video of the moment in which a BMW convertible driver ran over two alleged assailants in “self-defense”.

The alleged criminals identified as Brayan “G” and Edward “M”they had robbed two lawyers in the north of Bogotá, in Colombia.

The events were captured by a camera installed in the luxury vehicle and even shows the moment in which one of the subjects had a weapon in his hand.

In an interview with El Tiempo, Angelo Schiavenato, the driver of the BMW, and José Antonio Araújo, one of the robbery victims, assured that they hope that justice will advance and that the defense of their perpetrators will not be granted a pre-agreement to take the case. as attempted theft and not as consummated theft.

Angelo said he rammed the assailants in reactionsince it was not justice by his own hand, but he did it in legitimate defense.

In addition, both detainees have criminal records of qualified and aggravated robbery, and drug trafficking.

According to the victim’s account, he said that minutes before the robbery, he had picked up the lawyer José Antonio Araújo to go to a meeting with his other colleagues and when he turned around, the criminals approached them on a motorcycle and put a revolver in his mouth. head.

They told me they were going to kill meto give them all the things,” said Angelo Schiavenato, who handed over a luxurious Cartier watch valued at 40 million Colombian pesos, as well as two cell phones and a chain.

However, despite not resisting, one of the criminals raised his gun and fired.

When I saw that he raised his gun to me and shot me, I acceleratedI ducked a little bit, I saw that there was no other person to injure anyone and I crashed them,” Angelo said.

The video shows how he impacted individuals with the BMW, but despite the impact, The subjects escaped unharmed and fled..

The lawyer José Antonio Araújo shared the video that was captured in the vehicle and immediately went viral.

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“What if it was worth it? Here’s the video of when they were shooting at us. In the flight, they shot us 5 times. For me, life is priceless.”

Thanks to the work of the Bogota Metropolitan Police, criminals were captured and recovered the stolen items.

The lawyer spread the video / Photo: Capture

Video of the driver of a BMW runs over assailants