IMSS asks to avoid meetings for the day of Candelaria

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) calls on the population to avoid gatherings because of the Candlemas day, given the increase in infections by the variant Omicron, affirm that it can generate a wave of infections.

Next February 2 is celebrated in Mexico, the day of Candelaria, however for this year, the population is asked not to hold mass meetings, given the high rates of contagion due to the current pandemic that is being experienced.

Candlemas Day is one of the first celebrations of the year in Mexico and recently in AmericanPost.News We are talking about this tradition and why are tamales eaten on Candelaria Day?


IMSS asks to avoid meetings due to the increase in infections by Covid-19 In Mexico, the day of Candelaria is celebrated on February 2

Dr. Diego Balcón Caro, coordinator of Medical Nutrition Programs in the Health Promotion Division, recommended that meetings not be held for the day of Candelaria, but if they do, it is important to follow the sanitary measures recommended by the IMSS .

Let us remember the recommendations that the IMSS has provided to the population to prevent the spread of Covid-19:

  • healthy distance
  • Handwashing
  • Use of face masks

One of the most important recommendations is to avoid gatherings in crowded places, since high levels of contagion have been reported worldwide.

“Let’s not fall into the confidence that because we are vaccinated we are not going to get infected, but we must continue to maintain the measures that we already know, despite the fact that we are complying with our vaccination schedule”

Authorities have pointed out the importance of following sanitary measures, and remind the population that vaccination does not mean that “we are not going to get infected” and that it serves to avoid serious forms of the disease.

IMSS asks to moderate portions for Candelaria Day

In Mexico, the day of Candelaria is celebrated on February 2.

Specialists of Mexican Social Security Institute remember to moderate the portions during Candlemas Day, given the importance of taking care of food.

Similarly, they recommend compensating the food on the day of Candelaria with physical activity, to avoid long-term health problems.

“If we consume a tamale with a cup of atole, we would be talking between 900 and 1,100 kilocalories.”

“In order for our body to spend energy equivalent to what we have just consumed, we would have to run a distance of approximately 15 kilometers at a speed of seven kilometers per hour”,

In this way the IMSS, asked the population to take care of themselves before the next celebration for the Candlemas day.

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