In a heartbreaking turn, Matilde Obregón mourns her son after a fatal accident in Valle de Bravo

Francisco Forastieri, Matilde Obregón's son, dies in Valle de Bravo accident; twin brother hospitalized. Media industry offers condolences.

Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico – In a heart-wrenching incident, Matilde Obregón, renowned Mexican entertainment journalist and founder of TVNotas magazine, has faced an unimaginable loss. Early this Tuesday, August 29, the tragic news broke of the passing of one of her sons.

Details are still emerging, but initial reports indicate that the incident occurred in Valle de Bravo. A balcony collapsed, prompting an immediate response from the National Guard, who swiftly executed a trapped persons protocol.

Regrettably, one of Matilde’s sons did not survive the incident. His twin brother, however, has been hospitalized alongside three other individuals.

A Mother’s Bond

While Matilde Obregón has yet to make a public statement regarding the tragedy, fellow journalist Ana María Alvarado confirmed the death of her son. Matilde, despite ending her marriage, had always maintained a strong bond with her children, ensuring their well-being was at the forefront.

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Francisco, the deceased, was a graduate in communication from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He was deeply entrenched in the media industry, as evident from his LinkedIn profile.

A Budding Career Cut Short

According to his professional description, Francisco Forastieri was a writer and editor for several prominent publications. He worked for the sports newspaper ‘Estadio’ and contributed to magazines such as ‘Men’s Health’ and ‘Runner’s World’ for Mexico and Latin America. Those close to the family revealed that Francisco shared a close relationship with his mother, Matilde. He was frequently seen during the recordings of Matilde’s interviews on her YouTube channel.

The Other Half

The surviving twin, Diego, is currently in the hospital and is 29 years old. Like his late brother, Diego pursued a degree in communication. The entire media fraternity and fans are rallying around Matilde Obregón during this challenging time, offering condolences and support.