In a micro bikini, Chiquis Rivera shakes her buttocks in an intense twerking on top of a yacht

Chiquis Rivera She is a diva of social networks and has used digital platforms for her benefit. The interpreter of “Animate y Verás” has become a businesswoman and has used platforms such as Instagram to promote her beauty products. Between the sung and her business projects, Chiquis has not given herself enough work and has taken a few days to rest.

Taking advantage of the fact that it is her birthday, Chiquis traveled to the Dominican Republic to enjoy life and she has done it to the fullest. The singer has been seen in tiny outfits that leave little to the imagination and reveal more. Chiquis is an empowered woman and she doesn’t care about criticism since she is a curvy woman and very honorable.

In one of the videos she posted on Instagram, Chiquis was seen shaking her hips and posing on her back to do an intense twerking. Chiquis’s rearguard showed off and showed off for his fans, leaving them a message of empowerment.

“The more meat…the tastier the broth! Up the women who love each other as is! You are a QUEEN mamiiii ”, published the star.

The comments of his fans were immediate, leaving him nice messages after his video.

“I admire your security Chiquis and your love for life. She has been through so much, she has been criticized and judged, she made some bad decisions… as a woman, I am her,” one fan wrote. “In the bone is the flavor. But your meats are very nice too”, added a user. “You have no idea how much I crave that broth,” one fan replied. “That’s really tremendous broth they give,” another fan said. “That is what men like, a lot of meat, bones for dogs”, could also be read among the comments.

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