In a sexy black body, Sara Maldonado shows off her new figure and reports that she was vaccinated

Some weeks ago Sara Maldonado underwent liposuction, and now she has proudly boasted the results on her body, posing very sensual in several photographs that she published in her stories of Instagram. Wearing a black bodysuit, the actress showed her fans her new statuesque figure.

The beautiful Mexican actress also posed on a rooftop wearing a black top, and under the rays of the sun she was seen without makeup; She wrote the message “I do get vaccinated” on the photo, adding: “We have to stay at home. The Covid is a cannon right now, we have to take care of ourselves, maybe later I recommend a wonderful movie ”.

Although she did not reveal where she was, Sara appeared in a video showing off her abdomen and eating a pitaya for breakfast. The actress feels very satisfied with the changes in her body, and this could mark the beginning of a new stage in her career.

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