In a string micro bikini Alexa Dellanos shows off her attributes by posing submerged in the jacuzzi

fans of Alexa Dellanos have been pleasantly surprised to see the most recent video that the influencer Posted in your stories Instagram. In the clip she appears immersed in the jacuzzi, showing off her curves by wearing a black string microbikini and revealing that she spent a lot of time in that place, especially because of the message she wrote: “Putting on pink for being in here for so long ”.

to the daughter of Myrka Dellanos She loves to wear bikinis, and now she has greeted summer with posts showing off her mini-waist in those types of garments. Thus, she posed on the beaches of Miami, in Beverly Hills and even at her house, taking daring selfie in front of the mirror.

Alexa continues to promote her own line of sports leggings FlexBody. One of her priorities is to have them available in all sizes, and she herself has served as one of the garment models: “Your wishes are our orders. ✨ Our best selling leggings are coming soon in new colors!”

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