In a yellow latex bodysuit, Chiquis Rivera shows off her curves while promoting her video “Queen Bee”

Chiquis Rivera.

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Recently Chiquis Rivera She has been shown to be very sexy, wearing different latex outfits in various colors. She has now impacted her fans by showing off her curves to the fullest in a yellow bodysuit made of this material, along with a cape that covers part of her arms. It was all to promote the release -on May 24- of his most recent video “Queen bee”.

The daughter of Jenni Rivera also shared on TikTok How was the behind the scenes of the clip, showing his routine that day. She says good morning to her team, to later get makeup and hair done like a diva; even her hair features a honeycomb print. Arriving on set Chiquis She is assisted at all times by her hairdresser, in order to look radiant.

Some days ago Chiquis Rivera was in Mexico City, and took the opportunity to record a video of TikTok while wearing a sexy red outfit also made of latex, which she complemented with a hat. The long-awaited clip “Queen bee” will be available in the account Facebook of the artist.

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