In black string thong Eva Cedeño poses aboard a yacht while touring the sea

TO Eva Cedeno She loves going on trips with her friends, and although she never reports on her social networks about the tourist destinations she visits, she does share them on her account. Instagram photographs that reflect how much fun he has. Now she was seen on board a yacht, wearing a black micro bikini with a string thong that highlighted his perfect figure; The message he wrote next to his publication was: “I give myself a hug for each and every one of the times that I cried denying my body, for all the times that I took it to the limit without love, just to reach a goal that was not mine. Thanks a lot!!! 🙏🏻🤍✨”

The beautiful 32-year-old Mexican actress has a new look with short hair, and he showed it off in several images, highlighting one in black and white in which he appears in topless and in bed, when waking up: “🤍✨But then who is it? If it’s not me… do you think we have twins in another part of the world?”

Eva continues to promote “Divided Love”the telenovela in which he stars along with Gabriel Soto and Andres Palacios, and whose recordings concluded several months ago. in your account Instagram He published a photo in which he is seen with some castmates, which he complemented with the text: “Starting my new return to the sun with people I love. THANK YOU for a great night of laughs and broken dishes.

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