In Chiapas they murdered a woman after stealing her motorcycle

In Chiapas They murdered Paula “N”, 41 years old, she was with her son when some criminals arrived who took the motorcycle from him and after demanding that they return it one of them shot him.

The authorities received the report of a person injured by a firearmwho was with his son Miguel Alejandro, who reported what happenedPaula was transferred to a hospital for your care.

This happened in the municipality of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, precisely on Crescencio Rosas Avenue with the corner of Álvaro Obregón Street, so far those responsible have not been arrested.

In Chiapas, this was what Paula’s son recounted

In Chiapas, this was what Paula’s son related The hours that are from Mexico City to Chiapas

When Paula, who worked as a receptionist in a hotel, came out she realized that his motorcycle was not so in the company of his son they began to look for her.

After walking for a while they saw a man that he was taking her, near him was his accomplice, Paula and Miguel they confronted them and demanded that they return itunexpectedly one of them pulled out a firearm And shot at the height of the woman’s chestwho immediately fell to the ground.

She was taken to the Hospital de Las Culturas, when it was around 2:00 a.m., the doctors informed the relatives who had diedThe Altos Zone Prosecutor’s Office has initiated a research folderas well as an operation, Paula left four children orphaned, Well, she was a single mother..

How many hours are from Mexico City to Chiapas?

The hours that are from Mexico City to Chiapas

According to information if driving from Mexico City to Chiapasthe journey would be approximately 9 hours.

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