In Colombia a lightning strike left 19 military students injured

It has been reported that at an army cadet school in Colombiait fell a strong lightningwhich by producing a natural electrical discharge left at least 19 students injured.

The youngsters were getting ready tactical field exercisewhich they had to do during that t

Details about the lightning strike that injured students in the country Colombia, Duque news

burn until unexpectedly the lightning reached the premises where they were working.

This happened in the town of Ptolemaidin the center of Colombia, the authorities of the military center indicated that the incident happened past 4:00 p.m.they added that it wasn’t raining when the natural phenomenon occurred.

Details about the lightning strike that injured students in Colombia

It was the Military School of General Cadets, Jose Maria Cordovaof the National Army who through a statement reported that the lightning left injured to 19 of his studentswhich were treated “immediately”.

by military medical personnel and a few moments later they were taken to a health care centerare under observation, through from platforms like Twitter video has been shared about this moment.

Colombia Duke news

Colombia, Duke news

He was the president of ColombiaIván Duque, who in a conference pointed out that his government did not buy or pay one of the presidential planes that Ecuador put on the market.

Via AmericanPost.News We also inform you that Eduin Caz’s restaurant in Colombia closed less than a year after it opened.

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