In Colombia, Students and a teacher end up burned after school experiment

A school activity ended in tragedy in Colombia after five students and a teacher was burned following a school experiment in which the children were handling flammable substances.

The events took place on Tuesday, September 27, at a school in Antioquia, when the fourth-grade students and the teacher of the natural sciences were experimenting as part of the class. However, the mishandling of the substances caused an unexpected reaction.

According to reports, the incident would have originated when the minors handled flammable substances as part of the activity, which would have gotten out of control due to the mixture of unstable substances that ended up causing burns.

Terminal students and their teacher with burns after an experiment.

Minors terminal in the hospital. Experiment for children.

The children and the teacher had serious burns and were hospitalized. According to reports, one of the children, nine years old, has the most severe injuries.

After the incident, the Secretary of Education of Itagüí, Guillermo León Restrepo, indicated that the victims were transferred after the accident to the emergency room of the Clinic and also said that investigations were initiated to clarify the causes of the accident with the students.

As we previously reported in American Post News, in Colombia, several students were intoxicated in the middle of class after drinking soda with Viagra. According to reports, their classmates dissolved the pills in their drinks.

What experiment can I perform as a preschool student?

Experiment for children.

Science can be a fun subject for children. However, school science experiments should be done with caution and according to the age of the children. Experts recommend that the best experiments for preschoolers are: coloring white flowers, bouncing eggs, dancing colors, electric butterflies, and walking on eggs. In the case of Colombia, where five students and a teacher were burned after a school experiment, it is already being investigated by the authorities.