In Cruz Azul they regret not having hindered Cabecita Rodríguez so that he would not return to Liga MX

Contrary to what Jaime Ordiales mentions, the sports director of Blue Crossabout what there are no resentments with America for having signed “Cabecita” Rodríguezone of its most important former players in recent times, inside the celestial institution it seems that there are those who were hurt by the news, since Víctor Velázquez confessed that they regret not having put a clause to the document of the sale of the player when he went to football in Arabia, a that would have prevented him from signing with the Eagles.

Velázquez, the president of the administration and surveillance councils of the Cruz Azul Cooperative, recounted how the striker left and that it was unfortunate that they lacked a clause that would make his return difficult.

“Jonathan Rodríguez was going to go to China first before the tournament in which we were champions. I decided that he should not go, we were champions and later he did not qualify. some started complicated situations in terms of contracts and it was decided that he emigrate to an Arab team “he explained.

Unfortunately, it was not left in a clause that he could not return to a Mexican team.but as a professional he has his way and he is respected”, he concluded in an interview after the presentation of the new team uniform, before mentioning that when Cruz Azul wanted to repatriate him, he already had a contract with América.

In this way, Víctor Velázquez joins other heavenly characters who have spoken of the transfer, such as Santiago Gimenezwho hinted a little disappointment at the decision of the former cement element

“He was a great partner. Those are no longer our issues, they are personal issues and we must respect them. Obviously (we would have wanted him back with Cruz Azul). He is a great player and anyone would like him in his team”, commented Santi.

For its part, Uriel Antuna he tried to minimize the importance of the movement.

He will have his reasons At the end of the day, the Cruz Azul squad is us, we are focused on what is ours to obtain the championship, ”said the one who could be his partner for the 2022 Opening Tournament.

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