In Despierta América, doctor Juan Rivera will help Francisca Lachapel lose weight

On Wake up America are willing to help Francisca lachapel to lose weight. And is that the Dominican in addition to having the help of her personal trainer, Yasmany, she will also have the full support of the doctor Juan Rivera. In addition, this challenge can also be assumed by the viewer public, of the morning program.

Gennaro’s mother is determined to lose weight and do it all naturally, not only through a demanding exercise routine, but also accompanying everything with a healthy diet, thus having total control of her health, through intervention of his friend and partner of the program, the famous Dr. Juan Rivera.

Currently Francisca Lachapel weighs 165 pounds, and according to her, her ideal weight taking into account her height is around 130 pounds. In other words, you currently have to lose 35 pounds. Yasmany, the driver’s personal trainer, acknowledged that Francisca has improved a lot.

Yasmany revealed that she is working on four week cycles. The public for their part has turned to support her conscientiously and they ask that they not stun her so much with this weight, because she looks very good as she is. And it is that the fans trust that she will soon reach the goal, without haste.

Dr. Juan Rivera assures that they will accompany this entire process, and it is also that they will give him good advice and celebrate each triumph he obtains in this new challenge.

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