In ‘Despierta América’ they are still in mourning for Queen Elizabeth II and the public does not like it: “Stop it now”

Francisca, one of the hosts of ‘Despierta América’.

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

In ‘Wake up America’ they continue to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which was registered on September 8. The monarch of England gave her last breath at Balmoral, in the company of her loved ones.

The news has traveled the world and in all entertainment programs has not lost track of all the details that have been generated after the death of the queen. In ‘Despierta América’ they have followed and reported on everything that has to do with this situation and they have done so wearing black, in mourning.

After almost a week of the death of the monarch in the show they continue to receive criticism because they continue to dress in black: “But stop him with the mourning, not even if a family member has died,” “Doña mechi, tell them that it’s not worth dressing in BLACK but it’s already good”, “My God, they are still dressing in black in Despierta América for the death of the queen of England. What does the queen of England have to do with us Latinos, and the rest of the world?“I do see this ridiculous, wearing black, it’s incredible” and “How why in mourning? They didn’t even do it with Don Vicente Fernández, have they become English now?” they wrote in the comments of a video that was published on the Instagram account of ‘Despierta América’.

A few days ago the hosts of this program were also criticized by viewers precisely for wearing black after the death of Queen Elizabeth II:

“All in black, I didn’t know they were English”, “Everyone is double standards, how many things do not pay in Latin America and you do not even flinch, now you are all black paying tribute to someone who has not contributed anything to us because we do not belong to that world”, “I need to cry…”, were part of the harsh comments they received.

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