“In family with Chabelo”: This is how Verónica Castro looked when she worked with Chabelo

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This morning, a photograph was viralized in which the former television teacher, Verónica Castro, and the presenter of In family, Chabelo, in the late 1960s.

Through his Twitter account, a user shared the unpublished photograph where they appear Verónica, who would then be approximately 18 years old, and Chabelo, in her early 30s on the forum of the famous program that aired every Sunday since 1952.

It must be remembered that Verónica worked as aide-de-camp for the children’s program, role that she would have played from the end of 1968 until 1974, the year in which she became pregnant with Cristian Castro.

PHOTO: Twitter / @ Cuahtemoc_1521
PHOTO: Twitter / @ Cuahtemoc_1521

Even on one occasion Verónica revealed that Chabelo insulted her when she found out she was pregnant, according to herself during a 2018 interview with the show program Windowing.

During that meeting, Verónica said that Chabelo called her “pend * ja” when she announced her pregnancy: “He said, ‘Pend * ja, how are you pregnant?’ And I’m like: ‘Well, what do I do?’ So he told me, and he did not say it to me with the voice of a child as he spoke, sweet as I love him. He told me like Xavier in the dressing room”, He counted.

Later, the host of the classic television show Bad night … no! He gave up the children’s show and even, according to what he said, He pawned some of his belongings in order to support his son.

Pati Chapoy Selling Verónica Castro
Pati Chapoy and Verónica Castro (Screenshot)

However, during an interview with the media in that same year, Chabelo contradicted what Verónica said, arguing that there must be a mistake in the story of the soap opera actress.

“No, there must be a mistake. I would not address any woman or person like that”, He said, according to the video broadcast by the show program First hand. Later she added: “I really don’t remember (when she told me she was pregnant). I don’t remember, but I don’t think I ever gave him a bad word”.

“I have never been able to criticize a person, much less say bad words. (Verónica and I) are known and lifelong companions, but I have never expressed myself badly about her and about anyone ”, he concluded in the interview.

Verónica Castro is an actress, singer and presenter who is currently 68 years old.  (Photo: @ vrocastroficial / Instagram)
Verónica Castro is an actress, singer and presenter who is currently 68 years old. (Photo: @ vrocastroficial / Instagram)

Between the ranks of the program In family with ChabeloThere was also the well-known Mexican actor and comedian, Eugenio Derbez, who also revealed a bad treatment by the television character who is currently retired.

As revealed by Eugenio, When he was aide-de-camp of the program, he received a harsh treatment from the owner of the broadcast.

“I had a job in the program to move a doll called Pepo, an electronic doll that I drove,” he said on the podcast. The happy hour a few months ago.

(Photo: Facebook / Chabelo)

During one of the children’s broadcasts, Derbez gave a gamble, However, the actor did not look at him with bad eyes until his boss scolded him harshly off the air: “The truth is, I was quite a strawberry guy, very shy, zero albures. Then I go on the air with the little doll and there was a little girl with another boy, like 6 or 7 years old. Suddenly they are talking that they are cousins, I put the doll in and I hit the girl: ‘It’s that the cousin gets close to her’ “, he remembered.

The film producer also recalled that after mentioning these words there was a notable silence in the recording forum, when Chabelo He even commanded commercial breaks: “When they send commercials, I see coming to Chabelo enraged and tells me: ‘What do you mean, the cousin gets close to her? He gets close to what? ‘ Well, one is close to him. And he: ‘No, the shrimp is coming up to him!’ ”, He said.

Derbez expressed that he did not know he was saying a gamble, but the veteran driver “He did not believe me. I still remember turning to Magician Frank and saying, ‘Did you know?’ “


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