In four years, Barcelona dismantled the trident that fell in love with the Camp Nou

In four years, Barcelona dismantled the trident that fell in love with the Camp Nou

With the goodbye of Leo Messi disappeared from the staff of Barcelona the last member of the trident of which they were also part Luis Suarez Y Neymar da Silva, main responsible for the triplet achieved in 2015 in Berlin, Josep Maria Bartomeu’s argument to win the elections that summer and the protagonist of a solid friendship.

We have a triplet and we have a tridentBartomeu often said during the election campaign after touching the sky in Berlin. The first season of MSN had just ended with a total of 122 goals (58 from Messi, 39 from Neymar and 25 from Suárez) and 64 assists (31 from Messi, 23 from Suárez and 10 from Neymar), keys to the achievement of the Champions League, the League and the Copa del Rey.

Bartomeu won the elections and his trident did not disappoint him in the second year with the colors of Barça. The figures, which had already been spectacular, rose to extraterrestrial levels with a total of 131 goals (59 from Suárez, 41 from Messi and 31 from Neymar) and 73 assists (25 from Neymar and 24 from Messi and Suárez) that gave the League and Cup double.

Meanwhile, a friendship was forged between the three, with Messi as the nucleus, which made their images common, sharing moments of leisure, to the point of enjoying summer vacations with their families. They were inseparable, on and off the field. And the Barça was obtaining sponsorships, like the one of Rakuten, with the main argument to own them to the three.

At that time it was difficult to imagine that any of them wanted to abandon ship, but in one of the most magical games in the contemporary history of Barça, the 6-1 comeback against Paris Saint-Germain (life is capricious) in the 2016-2017 Champions League round of 16, Neymar felt hurt.

Despite having been the best player of the match, author of two of the three goals that Barça scored from minute 88 and assistant in the final, Sergi Roberto’s, the next day the covers were also for a euphoric Messi celebrating the agonizing qualification with the stands of the Camp Nou.

Neymar realized that if one day he wanted to lead a team and have a chance to become number one He had to leave the Barça club.

No sooner said than done. In the summer of 2017, PSG paid the termination clause of 222 million euros and the trident closed its stage with its more ‘discreet’ numbers: 110 goals (54 from Messi, 36 from Suárez and 20 from Neymar) and 66 assists (26 from Neymar, 20 from Messi and 20 from Suárez). Only the Copa del Rey was won.

Anyway, the friendship between the three continued and the Brazilian had no qualms about returning to Barcelona regularly to visit his friends Messi and Suárez, which increased the rumors that he regretted having gone to Paris and that he could wear the Barça shirt again.

But that never happened. Bartomeu signed Philippe Coutinho (120 million plus variables) and Ousmane Dembélé (105 million plus variables) with the huge income from PSG and Neither of them managed to come close to Neymar’s level. Meanwhile, the wage bill began to skyrocket at the same time that sports performance declined, accumulating failures in Europe.

In addition, a large part of the Barça fans and The press began to point out Suárez because he was no longer as decisive as before. They considered that he was always a starter because he was Messi’s protégé and that he was one of the culprits that the dressing room had too much power in sporting decisions.

Finally, Last summer, Bartomeu accepted the Uruguayan’s transfer to Atlético de Madrid for a symbolic price. And Suárez would end up being a key piece in the achievement of the league title of the ‘colchoneros’.

Already then, eThe trident could have been completely dismantled if Messi had achieved his intention of leaving Barça, of which he recorded in the form of a burofax. But the traumatic end has been postponed for a year, and this time it was not on their own initiative: Barça is ruined and the Laporta board has not found a way to sign him up.

Messi goes to PSG, where he will meet again with his friend Neymar, who had no qualms about sharing hugs and a talk with the Argentine player after being defeated in the duel in the Copa América final this July.

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