In full pandemic! Pope Francis leaves the Vatican to visit record store

Italy.- This Tuesday, Pope Francis left the Vatican to address a music store located in the center of Rome, which was frequented by him in past times when he arrived in the Italian capital serving as cardinal and archbishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The religious arrived at the “Stereosound” commercial place in a white Fiat 500 almost incognito, carrying a minimal escort and keeping a low profile at all times.

Stereosound is one of the small and historic music stores that survive in Rome, and it is located near the Pantheon, according to the information provided to one of the journalists who, by mere chance, witnessed the moment when the Sumo Pontiff arrived at the establishment.

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While Bergoglio remained inside the record store in the center of the capital of the European country, several police elements remained on the outskirts of the premises without ever losing sight of the taxi drivers who had seen the religious get into the place.

According to the statements of the journalist Javier Martínez Brocal, Pope Francis was inside Stereosound little more than 12 minutes, time in which after being presented by the owner of the establishment with a disc, he proceeded to bless the older woman, as well as her daughter and son-in-law.

The Supreme Pontiff was a regular customer of the shop when he used to travel to Rome, but, after being appointed Pope in the March 13 2013, had not returned to the record store.

Pope Francis sparks controversy over statements about children

Just last week, Pope Francis caused a stir on social networks, after stating that couples who decide not to have children or adopt and, instead, raise dogs or cats, are “selfish people”.

“Today we see a form of selfishness. We see that some do not want to have children. Sometimes they have one, and that’s it, but instead they have dogs and cats that occupy that place,” said the religious during his general audience from the Vatican.

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The Pope’s sayings divided opinions on social networks. However, the younger generations launched themselves against the religious, accusing him of not having the authority to call selfish couples who do not wish to have children.

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