In Hermosillo, a young man stands out for receiving his university degree in flip-flops, shorts and with a cap

Mikhail Piña, who lives in Hermosillowas driving through the streets of the city when he decided to approach the university where he graduated to see if he was ready your professional titleand his surprise was that they did deliver it.

This happened on May 10, due to the special nature of the moment, it did not matter that I had the “less suitable” clothing for the moment and asked that they take his photos along with his official document, no gowncolleagues or a presidium table.

The photos you shared in their social networks They show the young man from Hermosillo smiling while holding his university degree, but he emphasizes that he is dressed with shirt and shorts pajama type, as well as flip-flops, sunglasses and a hat.

The young man from Hermosillo who received his title in flip flops

The young man from Hermosillo who received his degree in flip flops In Hermosillo neighbors put out a fire

Piña, 31 years old, graduated from the Bachelor of Physical Culture and Sporta career offered by this university in Hermosillo, due to the unusual moment its publication went viral and had positive comments.

Some people commented that they understood that he was dressed because in the state there have been high temperatures, that they have been above 45 degreesPineapple along with his photographs wrote:

“Thanks to my family for always being unconditional, my engine and my gasoline, my greatest motivation, to my friends for being my travel companions”

hermosillo fire

In Hermosillo neighbors put out a fire

It has been reported that the residents of the San Bosco neighborhood, in HermosilloThey came together to turn off a house firewhen the firefighters arrived, the fire was already being controlled, they treated the people affected by the flames, they used buckets to quell the disaster.

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