In Las Vegas a man sexually abused a woman and beat her until part of her ear was ripped off

Photo: The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/Courtesy

A man from Oregon who was on vacation in Las Vegas, He beat and caused cuts to a woman until a piece of her ear was torn off, and then sexually abused her.

Samuel Garee, 45, was arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police on charges of dCharges of sexual assault with substantial bodily harmfour counts of assault with intent to commit sexual abuse, mutilation, lewd kidnapping.

The police report indicates that Samuel Garee was together with a woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, in a bus stop on Las Vegas Boulevard, where he beat and cut her.

An employee of The Strat hotel noticed that they were having sex at the bus stop, but he called the police when he noticed that the woman was bleeding from the face. The officers arrived at the indicated place to handcuff the accused and take him to the police station.

Meanwhile, the victim was transferred to the University Medical Center where the doctor examined the bruises and cuts that he had on his body and especially on his face. The clinic staff indicated that they saturated the ear, but a part was missing.

The woman’s testimony was that she had just met Samuel Garee, who she said was “nice” to her, but that she did not want to have sex with him. For her part, the defendant reported that he had used drugs and alcohol, and also did not remember having met the victim, The Review-Journal reported.

The man from Oregon declared that he was in the city because he was celebrating the birth of his grandson.

Judge Holly Stoberski set bail for Samuel Garee for $500,000 and remains inside the prison in Las Vegas.

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