“In many ways I admire him”, Aleida Núñez tells the whole truth about her romance with Bubba Saulsbury

A few days ago it was announced that the beautiful Mexican actress Aleida Nunez, 40 years old, was in a new love relationship with the American businessman Bubba Saul Saulsbury, with whom she went on a fabulous trip to the Middle East to ring in the new year 2022. They both had a wonderful time in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (capital of the United Arab Emirates), as well as in Istanbul, Turkey.

TVNotas magazine assured that the 40-year-old singer, originally from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, attached herself to a “sugar daddy” and they were sneaking out” so that no one realizes that she is giving herself a new chance at love, until she decides to reveal it.”

Aleida Núñez confirmed to be dating Bubba Saulsburya oil millionaire, 51 years old, born in Odessa, Texas. In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, she stated that things between them were going calmly.

She said that a friend introduced her to him and also showed her annoyance against the aforementioned magazine, for referring to Bubba as a “sugar daddy”.

Beyond everything, I knew him as a man, beyond what he may have, if everything goes well, I like serious and formal relationships.

Aleida Núñez and Bubba Saulsbury visited emblematic places in the Middle East. Photo: Facebook Bubba Saulsbury

Likewise, the former beauty queen expressed being very happy and referred to Bubba Saulsbury as “a good person”. She made it very clear that she is not interested in the material that a man can offer her, but that he treats her as she deserves.

“I could not be with someone who does not treat me well, not only materially, in the sense as a man, I have tried to respect myself a lot, avoid toxic people in my life and in many ways I admire him, I respect him and we are seeing how he walks the relationship”.

An alleged person close to Aleida Nunezmentioned to the magazine that the soap opera actress had a wonderful time on her trip to the Middle East, “he brings her everywhere and fulfills all her tastes, well imagine, he is a millionaire and treats her like a genuine Queen”.

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And although she wants to take it easy in the relationship, apparently the businessman already wants to formalize it: “He is very excited about her because she is a very beautiful woman, so what more can he ask for? He is serious about her, but we will see what time says.”