In pure leotard La Bebeshita captures glances from close to double mirror

Daniela Alexis Barceló Trillo, or as she is known in the entertainment world, the little baby, does not let itself be overshadowed and returns to monopolize the eyes intensely after surprising wearing pure leotard that reveals her from behind with a double mirror.

And it is that the famous Mexican model does not get tired of being the favorite of Internet users and every time she has the opportunity she advances forecasts and perfectly knows if her content will completely take the spotlight, so this time she wanted to look like a princess even with a crown of crystal.

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It was through his official Instagram account that the little baby shared with his ardent fans a beautiful postcard in which he appears surrounded by pastel balloons while wearing nothing more and nothing less than pure leotard of the character Bubble from The Powerpuff Girls.

So the young influencer and youtuber decided to model in front of the camera lens from very close, but being a double mirror and having one behind her, she ended up letting her beauty take over the moment to show off that look with ease. leotard in shades of blue Like the balloons that surround her.

This is how it only took a couple of hours for the inda photograph to get more than 90 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of the well-known red hearts, which is the way in which likes are given to users. content creators like the influencer, who in addition to compliments and compliments also flooded the publication as if there were no tomorrow with little fires and heart emojis.

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In a pure leotard, La Bebeshita captures glances from close to a double mirror. Photo: Instagram

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