In the midst of the scandal over the escape of Larry Ramos, Ninel Conde announces musical tour

In the midst of the scandal over the escape of Larry Ramos, Ninel Conde announces musical tour

Months ago when it became known that Larry Ramos had been put into root by the United States authorities, for the millionaire scam that he practiced on more than 10 people through his supposed pyramid investment, Ninel Conde revealed to Raúl de Molina that to she continued to work and did not stop her career.

Now that it has been announced that the Colombian businessman tore off his shackle and escaped from Miami, Florida, where he is sought by the FBI in heaven and earth, the so-called “Bombón Asesino” announced that he will begin a new musical tour, revealing that his plans, as he mentioned a few months ago, do not stop for anything, or for anyone.

It was through her social networks that Ninel Conde shared with singular joy the show that she will present in some cities in the United States.

“My loves! These are the dates we are going to meet up. Are you excited? Because I do. I’m putting a lot of energy into the marketing behind the shows so that they have the best possible experience. I can’t wait for you to see everything we are preparing. See you there? ”, The Regional Mexican singer wrote at the bottom of a photo where she is seen wearing a red and green dress and a charro hat.

The image of the tour announcement, which has received close to 4,000 heart-shaped likes so far and has also been commented on more than 200 times, has received a lot of support from its followers.

With this tour, which is called “Ninel Conde Tour 2021″, the Mexican singer wants to shake off the bad moment that she has been going through for a few days when it was announced in various media that her husband went from being in root to be a fugitive from American justice.

It was even said that Ninel would also be investigated by the FBI for an alleged criminal relationship with her ex-partner, however, the actress also dissociated herself from everything through a press release.

“To the media and the general public. You are hereby informed that Ms. Ninel Conde is not subject to any investigation by the authorities: at this time she is only recovering from what happened and in the process of understanding recent events “, unveiled the singer’s PR agency.

Once her situation is clarified, the “Assassin Bombon” is ready to start a tour and show that she has nothing to do with the situation of her then husband.

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