In the same style as Gisela! Ethel Pozo thinks about televising her marriage with Julián Alexander

MARRIED THIS 2022. Ethel Pozo opened her heart to Trome readers and confessed that she will marry producer Julián Alexander at the end of this year. Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter also shared her wishes that her wedding be broadcast on national television, just like her mother’s with Roberto Martínez.

The host of “América Hoy” has been in a relationship for only ten months with Michelle Alexander’s brother, however, that has not prevented them from knowing that they are for each other.

“When I called my mother from Mexico, after Julián gave me the engagement ring, to tell her, she told me: ‘I already knew he was the man of your life,’ and she wasn’t surprised because when she saw him for the first time she felt a good vibe,” he said.

Along these lines, Ethel Pozo pointed out that her mother Gisela Valcárcel gets along “super well” with her boyfriend, since nothing has been forced.


Ethel Pozo pointed out that they decided to get married at the end of the year, because she wants her whole family to be present. She said that the marriage will take place in Lima and she did not rule out that it be broadcast.

“Oh! Surely Armando (Tafur, producer of the program ‘América Hoy’) will want to, but we have no problem sharing because we are used to social networks, to TV, it doesn’t bother us, so I don’t know what that moment will be like when December, I cannot say the date, “he said.