In tight leggings and top, Diosa Canales shows her curves while exercising

Goddess Channels She usually uses the networks to show her incredible figure, and her latest publication on Instagram is a clear example of this. With a couple of videos, the actress and singer heated up her loyal fans.

A few hours ago, the Venezuelan took the opportunity to upload a couple of clips in which she appears doing some exercise routines in the gym, clad in a top and tight black leggings with which she flaunted how good her curves look.

“Giving him 🔥🔥 #buttocks with a femoral,” one of the posts reads.

“Hello dear Goddess, thanks for sharing your routines ❤ 👏”, “Do you want to get even hotter? 😮” and “Come on my Goddess, you can, we want to see those round and upright buttocks … 👍✔️”, are some of the messages left for the also vedette.

Just a few days before, Diosa Canales squandered her daring through an image in which she posed without a bra and with a thong dental floss from a beach in Venezuela, hugging her partner, the urban music singer, Sigicash.

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