Increase in flour reduces profits from the sale of roscas de reyes in Yucatan

Due to an increase that occurred in the price of corn flour during the second half of December, the Yucatan bakers they will see reduced their profits on the sale of the traditional roscas de reyes.

In an interview with AmericanPost.News, Leticia Pech Gamboa, former delegate of the disintegrated National Chamber of the Bakery Industry (Canainpa) of YucatánHe explained that during the last days of 2021, this input increased around 40 pesos per package, reaching prices between 340 and 620 pesos, depending on the supplier.

Despite the increase of approximately 8 percent, he indicated that the increase in price of this ingredient could not be an excuse to increase the final price to the public, so it will be the producers and sellers who absorb this loss.

They foresee an increase

Sweet bread and French bread could increase in price during the second half of January

The representative of the Los Pech bakery, located in the Chuburná neighborhood, said that during 2020, the threads will be offered between 90 and 350 pesos, depending on the size, the filling and the type of dolls that it carries inside.

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In that sense, he called on the Yucatecans to consume roscas de reyes made in local bakeries, with the aim of boosting local commerce, which also cares about the economy of its customers.

Finally, Pech Gamboa announced that it will be until the second half of January, in which a increase in butter, margarine and other supplies, when the bakeries are forced to add around one peso to each piece of bread.

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