Indiana girl is beaten, burned and cut during sleepover, the 12-year-old aggressor was arrested

The 12-year-old girl is recovering from her physical injuries because the mental ones will take longer to heal – Photo: Alexas Photo / Pixabay

What seemed like a fun night between a group of girls who organized a sleepover became the worst night for one of them, after being tortured by two of her companions, who caused her severe physical and mental damage. The 12-year-old minors were detained by the police and one of them is tried as a juvenile due to the seriousness of the situation.

The abused girl, also 12 years old, received an invitation to spend a night at the house of one of her classmates at what seemed to be a party. During the night, two of the girls who were at the sleepover began to bother the affected, first insulting her, then beating her, burning her, cutting her hair, cutting her face with a sharp object and in an attempt to hurt her more, the two teenagers sat on her for a long time so that she could not breathe, the victim’s mother detailed to WXIN.

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The identities of the victim and the accused were not revealed. The next day, the mother of the tortured girl called Logansport police to charge the teens. “From what I’ve seen of the investigation, this is very sensitive, I consider it serious,” said Sgt. Dan Frye.

Two girls involved in the incident were detained by the authorities. One of them was only accused of violent assault on another girl and the second is accused of juvenile equivalent of criminal confinement. The two minors are now detained, while the investigation continues.

“They did not intimidate her, they tortured her. She received physical and mental torture, my daughter is not well. She hurts a lot because now she won’t know how to trust people,” said Jaimie Tribbett, mother of the victim, to the same newspaper.

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The family of the tortured girl hope that justice will be done because the actions of the two accused girls are very serious and, above all, violent. “I hope that my daughter can get justice and that the other girls stay there for a long time and get the help they need” detailed the mother of the minor.

The Cass County Attorney’s Office confirmed that the case was taken to the state Juvenile Court and a judge ordered the arrest of the minor accused of assault resulting in serious bodily injury, plus other felony charges. The girl has a court date this week.

Agent Frey pointed out that they are still investigating this case to obtain a search warrant for analyze the specific place in the house where the aggressions took place, likewise asked the population that if they have additional information, I provided it to help further detail what happened at that sleepover.

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