Indirect to Piqué? Shakira surprises her followers with a mysterious tweet

Shakira He does not use his social networks very often, so when that happens, his publications cause astonishment and mystery among his millions of followers and to show his recent tweet where he apparently hints at his ex-partner Gerard Piqué.

The legendary Colombian singer would have written in Twitter the lyrics of one of his most iconic songs and whose content could be related to what he is recently experiencing with the FC Barcelona footballer.

Recalling her album “Pies Descalzos” from the 90s, the also dancer would have left a clue of the next thing to come in terms of musical releases.

The mysterious tweet of the Colombian with a dedication to Piqué?

The mysterious tweet of the Colombian with a dedication to Piqué? Shakira ‘Bare Feet’

Through her official Twitter account, the singer has shared a mysterious message that evokes one of the lyrics of her most legendary songs.

“You belonged to an ancient race. With bare feet and white dreams…”

This phrase refers to the famous song “Barefoot”, that was included in the album with the same name and which for many was a kind of indirection of the singer towards the problems she has with Gerard Piqué.

In the same way, having published part of the song could also be interpreted as a message to the Spanish authorities who have recently accused her of alleged tax fraud, since said song was released by the Colombian in the 90s as a kind of criticism and satire towards the policies and governments of the world.

As expected said tweet went viral and in a matter of hours it has exceeded 100 thousand likes, positioning itself in the holdings only for being Shakira.

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Shakira ‘Bare Feet’

Shakira ‘Bare Feet’

At the end of the 90s, the artist from Barranquilla would launch what would be her first official studio album, which she titled “Barefoot“, same that would take her to international recognition and dominate the entertainment medium.

With over 10 million copies currently sold, the legendary album features tracks like “Pies Descalzos”, “I’m Here”, “I’ll Wait for You Sitting”, “Anthology”, “Where are you sweetheart?” Y “If you want, you kill yourself.”

After the success of ‘Barefoot‘, singer Shakira She established herself as a singer-songwriter who in the coming years would see her at the top of the world.

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