Inés Sainz rejected the idea of ​​buying Querétaro: “I became very disenchanted with the world of soccer”

Photo: Andrew Redington/Getty Images

the mexican driver Inés Sainz assured that she is currently not interested in buying the Querétaro franchise. This despite the fact that on some occasion she had some interest, however at this time she claimed to be somewhat disappointed in the world of soccer and she prefers to experience it from the outside.

In statements to RTQ reviewed by Mediotiempo She assured that she felt disenchanted with football and he also mentioned that in the beautiful sport there are many interests that prevail over its passion.

The statements of Inés Sainz

I became very disenchanted with the world of soccer when I realized the quality. You realize that there are many interests beyond the real passion for sport and for doing things well. That is why I prefer to stay on this side, enjoying it, enjoying it, and not enter these grills”, he pointed out.

With these statements, Inés Sainz confirms that her priorities have changed dramatically. However, she does not deny that the news of the earth team that saw her grow up hurts her.

Current situation of Querétaro

The Querétaro team had to change owners to the Hot group. This after the violent events that occurred in the Closing Tournament at the La Corregidora stadium.

Currently the team of The “White Roosters” of Querétaro march in the last box of the general table and without achieving a game identity within the field. Faced with this reality, Ines Sainz claims to feel hurt since it was a team that filled the stands by at least 70% even though they were in the bottom of the table.

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