Infidelity woman discovers her husband and decides to throw herself out of the building

A woman discovers her husband's infidelity and makes the drastic decision to throw herself from the building and falls three stories; everything was recorded.
  • A woman discovers the worst in her husband and makes a drastic decision
  • The terrible moment she threw herself out of the window was recorded.
  • The husband tried his best to stop her but could not

There are more and more cases of infidelity discovered thanks to cell phone applications, as well as videos where the dramatic moments in which the protagonists of such situations are exposed, so now it was the turn of a woman to catch her husband in infidelity, and that is why she made a drastic decision.

Through the portal SDP Noticias, there is a dramatic video of the moment in which a woman, unfortunately, discovers her husband’s infidelity. After a heated argument in what seems to be the couple’s apartment, she decides to open the window and get out to throw herself out.

The woman discovers her husband’s infidelity.

Woman is fired from building

The husband had been unfaithful to his wife for quite some time, and the time came when the woman found out and made a scandal in the apartment in the morning when they were barely in their nightgowns and nightclothes, and they staged a scene that was recorded.

After the shocking news for the woman, she forgot that she was wearing a nightgown to open the window and walk along the edge of the floor where their home was and threatened her husband with a heated argument that escalated while the man was shocked.

The woman argues with her husband and decides to jump out of the building

Woman discovers her husband's infidelity

A camera recorded the dramatic moment when the husband convinced his wife not to throw herself into the void after discovering his infidelity. She was sticking to the edge of the building in clear blackmail and devastation for what she had just discovered while the man was desperate.

The Reddit platform was responsible for disseminating the images where the woman did not mind being on the edge of a third floor as long as she let her husband know the seriousness of what he had committed. Before that, she wanted to punish him by taking the drastic decision to throw herself.

The man could do nothing to convince his wife not to jump

Woman jumps building after discovering infidelity

The man was half naked, pulling the arm of his wife, who was wearing a green nightgown, and while he made her come to her senses to come in and talk calmly, she struggled to let go and teach him a lesson about her husband’s infidelity that hurt her a lot.

Although at first, it was said that the woman who fell from the building was the mistress, and the husband was trying to protect her so that she would leave the apartment. At the same time, his wife arrived. The truth is that it was his wife, and she ended up hurting herself because of her partner’s infidelity.

The woman throws herself out of the building after her husband’s infidelity.

Woman throws herself after discovering infidelity

The woman tried to commit suicide due to the pain of her husband’s infidelity, so she decided to throw herself, and before the astonished man, she was left lying on the ground after falling from three floors. However, there are doubts about where this incident occurred, and it is clear that the images come from an Asian country.

The short video went around the social networks and sparked a debate about the woman’s decision in the face of her husband’s deceit, where many thought that she should have thrown him or even paid him with the same coin and taken revenge.

She falls three floors down after discovering her husband in infidelity

Woman falls from building after discovering her husband's infidelity

The woman did not measure the consequences of her decision and fell three stories and hit first a metal structure of some below businesses and then hit the wet asphalt. However, there is more to this story.

While on the floor, despite the abrupt fall, the woman showed signs of life and ended up even adjusting her nightgown because when she fell, her legs and buttocks were exposed, so it can be seen that she was very conscious. However, it was unknown if she suffered several fractures from the fall.

To see the video of the moment of the fall, click here.


Another case of infidelity in a couple. In a clear infidelity, through a Tik Tok video, a young woman boasts that to keep her husband happy, she lets him play with her mom, talking about having sex, which caused controversy among users because it hints that they are swingers. These people share partners, according to a publication in The Sun.

In the account @milliesellers411, a young user presents who she says is her mother, and immediately a man who is her husband and says how she manages to keep her husband happy and assures that she lets them both play together.

Mother and daughter infidelity: controversial video

Tik Tok
Photo Tik Tok

This revelation implies that they get along very well intimately, and this generated a lot of controversy among users, as it is a clear example of infidelity that is tolerated and even encouraged among the same family.

She captioned the video: “Don’t judge and yes, #hotwife #sharingiscaring.” Despite the woman’s statement, it is unknown whether what she proposes is true or just a joke. However, it has already caused an effect on social networks.

Mom and daughter infidelity: is it a joke?

Photo Tik Tok

In the video, you can see the young woman wearing a pink blouse, and then her mother appears smiling while asking, “Do you know how happy I keep my husband? Immediately after, the mother appears in very short white shorts.

To end the scene, the supposed husband of the young woman appears and hugs the mother, while everyone smiles and accepts with their gestures what she says, provoking the reaction of the users who make all kinds of comments.

Mom and daughter infidelity: they doubt the truthfulness of the story

Photo Tik Tok

Immediately people started to comment: “No,” “The happiest man in the world,” “seek psychological help,” “I hope this is a joke,” “this is wrong,” and “I can’t tell if this is a joke.”

“Sick” and all kinds of insults were written on the page by way of reprobation for the act that these people suppose, while others highlighted how lucky the man is to have two women, but the majority reprobated the act. The video had been removed from Tiktok.

Mom and daughter infidelity: did they discover the truth?

Infidelity mom and daughter
Photo Tik Tok

The video has had so much impact that it had more than 11.6 million views, and other people commented: “The best damn wife of all time,” in a clear reference to the fact that she approved the exchange of partners.

Other people doubted the veracity of the video. They questioned whether the young woman’s mom slept with her husband, but that wasn’t enough to make the video one of the most viewed on the social network.