Influencer Florencia Guillot Faces Backlash for Normalizing Grooming in Podcast Interview

Podcast host faces career-damaging backlash after interview subject admits grooming child bride.

Florencia Guillot, a popular social media influencer from Monterrey, Mexico, has come under fire this week for appearing to promote and normalize grooming and pedophilia during an interview on her podcast “Vete a Triunfar” (Go Succeed).

Guillot, known for her makeup and skincare content, featured a married couple on episode 51 of her show titled “La diferencia de edad no importa” (The age difference doesn’t matter). The couple, Paulina Florencia and Mauricio Cuevas described meeting when Florencia was just 11 years old and Cuevas was 29. They claimed they did not begin a romantic relationship until Florencia was 14, and Cuevas was 28.

Interview Celebrates Relationship Between Adult Man and Underage Girl

In the controversial interview, Guillot congratulates Florencia and Cuevas for their “striking” love story and prompts them to share details on how they first met and eventually began dating. Cuevas admits that when he first saw Florencia in Acapulco when she was 11, he felt an instant attraction and connection with the child.

Florencia explains that they reconnected when she was 14 and in high school, and Cuevas was working in an office. She says they hid their relationship from her parents, especially her mother, who opposed it due to the large age gap. When Florencia turned 18, she moved out of her parents’ home against their wishes to be with Cuevas.

Despite the early controversy, Guillot praises the couple for staying together for 17 years. She calls their relationship a “successful case,” which many viewers felt implicitly promoted and encouraged relationships between adults and minors.

Florencia Guillot
Florencia Guillot

Backlash Mounts Against Guillot for Normalizing Grooming

The interview sparked instant outrage among Guillot’s followers, many of whom accused her of glorifying grooming and pedophilia. Grooming refers to the process by which a pedophile gains the trust of a minor and manipulates them into engaging in sexual activity.

Critics argued that a 29-year-old man becoming infatuated with an 11-year-old girl is predatory behavior, not a “love story.” They expressed disgust at Guillot for describing a relationship between a 14-year-old child and a 28-year-old adult as “successful” and not recognizing the grooming dynamics at play.

Guillot faced intense backlash across social media platforms, with users calling her interview dangerous, unethical, and irresponsible. Many have called for brands to cut ties with Guillot and for platforms to demonetize or ban her.

Public Scrutiny Shifts to Mauricio Cuevas

While much of the initial backlash centered on Guillot’s role in promoting the relationship, public scrutiny has since shifted to condemn Mauricio Cuevas, Florencia’s husband.

Cuevas, now 47, is the director of a private university he inherited from his father. Critics have called him a pedophile and groomer for initiating a relationship with a young teenager when he was nearly 30.

Many have expressed concerns that as an authority figure and educator, Cuevas may prey on other underage girls. Others have surfaced allegations of sexual misconduct against Cuevas’ father, the former director of the university.

Amidst the scandal, Cuevas appears to have deleted his social media accounts. He and Florencia have remained silent and not publicly addressed the brewing controversy.

Fallout Continues for Guillot as Major Brands Review Partnerships

For her part, Guillot removed the offending video from her YouTube channel and podcast platforms. However, she has not made any statement apologizing or acknowledging the backlash.

Her silence has only intensified criticism across social media. Many of her fans feel betrayed by the shocking statements made on her platform.

Major brands and sponsors affiliated with Guillot face pressure to disavow and cut ties with the influencer. Advertising and PR experts say the situation will severely damage Guillot’s career and earning potential.

While Guillot was previously praised as an empowering voice for young women, this scandal has irreparably tarnished her credibility. Experts say it will be an uphill battle to regain public trust and her reputation.

The grooming controversy represents one of the biggest influencer scandals in recent years. It has sparked a wider debate about platform accountability and vetting creators who work with young audiences.

Guillot built her brand by engaging directly with teenage followers, who are now questioning if she truly has their best interest and safety in mind.