Influencer gives his daughter surgery and causes controversy on social networks

  • Influencer gives his daughter money to get surgery
  • The little girl is only 12 years old and for that reason she is criticized
  • They ask that you give them more values ​​about their feelings

Influencer gives away surgery. A Colombian influencer surprised locals and strangers by giving an unusual gift to her 12-year-old daughter, as she gave her money to have her nose surgery done, according to Al Rojo Vivo’s Instagram page.

The video was uploaded to social networks and immediately caused an impact among Internet users, since they did not see in a good way the way in which the mother tried to celebrate her little girl and argued their annoyance with some comments.


Influencer gives away surgery
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Mainly, people criticized that the mother does not motivate her daughter to highlight her attributes not only physical, but interior and intellectual and that with this gift, she motivates her to only look at her physical appearance without giving any value to the interior.

However, the woman made her little girl happy, since in the video she looks happy and with an extreme smile, for which, at least, the mother managed to get enough views, which was also criticized by more Internet users.

Influencer gives surgery: VIRAL

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The video has caused so much controversy that until the morning of this Wednesday, August 25, 2021, it already exceeded 50 thousand 500 reproductions and more than 110 comments from people that most were not satisfied with what they saw.

It was in the program that the host said that the girl’s mother already had at least 12 operations on her body, reason enough for Internet users to start criticizing quickly and here we will leave you all the opinions.

Influencer gives away surgery: “THIS WORLD GOES FROM BAD TO WORSE”

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The first criticisms were the following: “It is that if mothers are insecure and operated on, they will do the same for their daughters”, “My God, this world is going from bad to worse”, “to buy a new brain and self-esteem”, ” he should teach her that she must love herself. What a shame”

“That is what they call influencer. People who have nothing on their minds “,” if the surgeon they take her to is conscientious and honest, he will never operate on her! If he is one of those butchers he will make it clear that he is! From the age of 17, they should be operated on ”, said more people. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Influencer Gives Out Surgery


Influencer gives away surgery
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Another person said: “But haven’t you seen the little girl’s toucan nose? Hahahaha, let’s stop criticizing everything for just envy, because now everything seems to be bad if they have the money that they spend as they want and let people live their lives, whenever they do what they want ”.

“Poor girl”, “if you do not like your nose to be operated, it does not have to please someone else that decision”, “no wonder there are so many plastic people in society because of these girls”, “thank goodness my daughter does not live off the What will they say, proud of you ”, commented more people. Filed Under: Influencer Gives Out Surgery

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