Influencer, reggaetonist and CFE employee: Gaby Castillo, the former “Enamorándonos” detained

More information emerges about Gaby Castillo, the influencer and former participant of the program Enamorándonos who was caught on monday January 3 in the vicinity of Peralvillo in Mexico City with his companion, a member of the Los Soto gang, dedicated to fraud in the purchase of luxury vehicles.

And it is that the 26-year-old girl and her partner were circulating in a high-end van when investigative elements of the Ministry of Citizen Security of the CDMX approached the subjects who could not prove ownership of the vehicle and they were found dozens of plastic bags with alleged marijuana, cocaine and the drug known as stone.

It is known that Gaby, also known as Briela Sanz in her role as an independent reggaeton singer, and her companion, José Hareff Soto, tried to bribe the officers who detained them, who also found a firearm and a responsive letter belonging to the truck for one million pesos.

The couple was transferred to the bunker of Public Ministry 50 of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Doctores neighborhood where they remain pending investigations.

In addition to being a social media personality and having participated in the dating show of Aztec TV, Gabriela Sánchez Castillo made her pininos in the world of urban music in which she became known by the name of Briela Sanz, an account that is followed by more than 700 thousand people on Instagram and where she shares her luxurious lifestyle.

The accused had even already recorded some videos of the genre with which she adopted a new image leaving behind her black hair to give way to neon pink. And it is that in the past, this peculiarity in her exotic look caught the attention of one of her followers, who asked Gaby in an Instagram dynamic if she had no problems at work because of her personality and appearance.

The user referred to the Federal Electricity Commission as the workplace of the influencer. In the dynamic where Gaby asked her followers’ Let’s chat for a while ‘, someone asked her:’ And have you never had problems with CFE for being so different from the others? You are unique’.

To which the former falling in love replied:

‘Not at all, here in the office I have very good comments about my hair. They have loved it very much. If I were to tell you about every character that comes here …’ With this comment recorded on video from where she claimed to be her office would have shown that she allegedly has a position in the public company of the State, directed by Manuel Bartlett.

This was announced by the reporter Carlos Jiménez on his Twitter account, says Gaby Castillo who works at @CFEmx. Moles from La Union, arrested yesterday with drugs and with her fraudster boyfriend, she states that he has a job position at @CFEmx. That’s how she recorded where she says, it’s her office. ‘

Gaby Castillo - Falling in love - 03-01-22
The influencer has been a sentimental partner of at least three local mafia bosses Photo: Instagram / @ brielasanz

The arrest of Briela Sanz

A police investigation strategy allowed carry out actions to arrest José Hareff Soto Jiménez, 35, and Gabriela Sánchez Castillo, 26, who carried 169 packages with cocaine and 70 with marijuana, in the Peralvillo neighborhood of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

It has been pointed out by the authorities that José Hareff is dedicated to the fraud of luxury vehicles in CDMX, Nuevo León, Morelos and the State of Mexico, where he used bad checks to buy cars, in addition to selling drugs in the downtown area.

For her part, the former Enamorándonos referred to be influencer, scort, and a member of La Unión Tepito: she sold drugs in different parts of Mexico City.