Influencer teaches a “natural” but sticky way to keep skin always young and wrinkle-free

Shine Malibu, an influencer from Tiktok it has become trend this social network for giving a beauty secret to keeping skin wrinkle free. Although this advice is quite “sticky”, The truth is that it has caused a lot of excitement among its followers who are looking for a way to keep their skin young and healthy despite the passage of time.

According to Malibu, this handmade product would ensure that the skin maintains a permanent youthful appearance, but also claims to have trained a lot to do not fall into exaggerated expressions that leave lines on the face.

“I’m about to share with you the # 1 beauty tip I’ve learned in my 30 years in the (beauty) industry. Are you ready?”, he is heard saying in the video where he details how the “Ribbon trick” which, he claims, has the same effect as the botox, but natural.

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Shine confesses that he learned this while working alongside the deceased doctor Frederic Brandt (a famous dermatologist and an authority on skin care), who taught him how to apply duct tape so that, with time and habit, stop making facial movements which allow you to maintain a youthful appearance.

“Dr. Brandt used to make us use Scotch tape on the forehead. Like pieces of tape, because it teaches you how often you flex and use that muscle because you would hear the tape wrinkle. “he explained in his video.

Likewise, it details how was the process of getting used to using this implement on your forehead: “So he would walk through his office, walk through my house with duct tape. And every time he wrinkled he stopped making that movement. Eventually, with a little training, I learned how to do eye expressions without using these upper muscles. “. However, she was clear in ensuring that doing so does not imply that it cannot display expressions, but it does prevent lines from being marked on the forehead.

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In fact, although not a few users told him that they would not be willing to sacrifice certain expressions in order to maintain youthful skin, Shine Malibu she reaffirms that it was totally worth it for her.

“Here I am (with) almost 50 (years) with nothing (…) Train now, start now, if you are 20, now is the time, 30, 40, 50, it is not too late. Put that tape on and train your eyebrows “, he sentenced.