Infrastructure Plan: how it is expected to benefit your pocket

Infrastructure Plan: how it is expected to benefit your pocket

Cheaper Internet, more jobs, and affordable transportation are some of the improvements to the infrastructure plan.

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Today, the Senate approved the $ 1.2 billion bipartisan infrastructure project with 69 votes in favor and 30 against. This law includes programs and supports for grow the economy, improve the competitiveness of the country and make the economy more sustainable, resilient and fair.

But how does this affect your pocketbook? Then we share it with you.

It is expected that the investments contemplated in the infrastructure plan produce approximately 2 million jobs each year for the next 10 years.

More than anything, the plan seeks to increase participation in the workforce. And it is that the law will combat the economic disparities that have been a consequence of the lack of investment in infrastructure in communities where the majority of people of color live.

For this reason, the infrastructure plan will carry out investments so that more people in these communities have access to well-paying jobs, plus affordable internet access and more reliable forms of public transportation. All this to ensure that communities of color have the best conditions to get ahead economically.

More affordable internet access

It should be remembered that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there were cases of children who had to go to McDonald’s parking lots to enter their virtual classes. Therefore, it is considered that internet access is essential for people’s progress, so that they can access a better education and job opportunities.

With the infrastructure plan, will invest $ 65 billion to ensure that all Americans have access to the internet Of high speed.

The bill will also help lower prices for this type of service.

Less illness, less medical expenses

There are up to 10 million homes with water lines and pipes that are made of lead. This means that children in up to 400,000 schools and child care centers are at risk of being exposed to this material, which can cause illness.

According to some calculations, Each lead service line replaced will cost about $ 5,000 per line, but will generate $ 22,000 in healthcare savingsas people will not get sick from it.

Better transportation and cheaper

The infrastructure law will also invest in public transportation to reduce travel times between communities of color. Outdated infrastructure will be repaired and upgraded, bus and train fleets will be modernized, and stations will be made accessible to all users.

More jobs

Biden’s plan will also set aside $ 21 billion to create union jobs well paid plugging oil wells and clearing abandoned mines.

The infrastructure law will replace thousands of transit vehicles, including buses, which will be zero emissions.

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