Infrastructure Plan: Senate refines final details before voting on the law

Infrastructure Plan: Senate refines final details before voting on the law

The Infrastructure Plan aims to improve several highways in the country.

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The road has not been easy for the Infrastructure Plan to be approved, in March, President Joe Biden proposed an investment of $ 2.3 billion dollars, but this figure was not well seen by the Republican opposition and the White House had to lower the figure.

For four months, both Republicans and Democrats have had huge differences and a large number of meetings to get the issue out. Originally, the Infrastructure Plan was designed to be signed in early July, but the reality is that this has not been possible.

Despite the inconveniences that have occurred, the United States Senate has worked throughout the weekend to have ready the Infrastructure Plan that President Joe Biden has promoted, which is expected to be approved the week that is about to begin before the August legislative recess.

Legislators have reached the time limit allowed in this session to approve the issue, mainly because the differences between Republicans and Democrats They had not allowed an agreement to be reached, but now that there is one, the infrastructure plan is days from being real.

Yesterday, the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said that at the beginning of the parliamentary session that drafting a plan of this nature represents “a difficult project”, but at the same time he asked his colleagues for speed and reminded them that they will stay in the Senate until the text is complete.

Therefore, once the finished version of the plan is available, it will be possible to vote on individual amendments presented by the senators and, finally, the proposal as a whole will be voted on. For this to be reality full support of Democrats plus 10 Republicans required.

Just this week that the Infrastructure Plan ends, it received the backing of the Senate, which voted in favor of debating the initiative after weeks of tug of war between Democrats and Republicans, but in the end the consensus was achieved.

The agreements reached guarantee that the country’s highway system, bridge systems as well as transportation will have a budget that will give certainty that these important areas have the necessary budget for their improvement. But also, certainty will be given to the social package that you include in the plan.

A month ago, Biden and a group of 22 Democratic and Republican senators announced that they had reached an agreement, but later the negotiations were complicated, especially by Republicans’ reluctance about how investment in infrastructure will be financed.

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