Ingrid Coronado assures that she experienced Fernando del Solar’s illness with pain

The unexpected and unfortunate death of Fernando del Solar unleashed a wave of harsh criticism on social networks against ingrid coronado. Now the driver breaks the silence and once again talks about the painful battle against cancer that her ex-partner faced in an interview she offered to Isabel Lascurain for her YouTube channel.

According to the driver’s statements, the deceased driver today was detected with Hodgkin’s lymphoma just one month after celebrating his wedding. Since then, she became a great support and at the same time saw to the expenses of the housecaring for the children and fulfilling their work obligations.

Ingrid and Fernando were a couple for 7 years, during which time they had their two sons: Luciano and Paolo. The death of the Argentine driver took the world of Mexican entertainment by surprise.

However, the driver assured that living this process was strong and very painful because no one cared about what she was feeling at that moment: “It’s extremely painful, especially because help always comes to those who are sick, understanding comes to those who are sick.”

Now, the driver, who had an affair with Fernando del Solar for 7 years, supports those who care for sick people: “I know what it is to be in that place, I know what it is to carry the worry of not knowing what is going to happen to the other person… Many times you would like to feel what the other person is feeling, but you do not know ”.

Ingrid Coronado took refuge in God

When questioned about the way she dealt with this situation, she assured that it was difficult for her to understand that Fernando del Solar’s illness was not a divine punishment but an experience that helped him get to know each other. Later, she captured her experiences in the book ‘Woman: Conquer yourself, love yourself and turn on your feminine power’.

On the other hand, the driver Ingrid Coronado mentions that Believing and trusting in God helped him overcome the painful moment he lived with Fernando del Solar, whom he tried to help at all times. Finally, she mentions that now she has learned to be happy: “Maybe right now I don’t earn the money I used to earn, but I am happier and that is important.”

Listen to the driver’s statements from minute 13:03.

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When did Fernando de Solar die?

The death of the Argentine driver took the world of Mexican entertainment by surprise.

Fernando del Solar lost his life at the age of 49. As AmericanPost.News mentioned before, the driver suffered a severe depression after the death of his father, which weakened his defenses and caused him to get sick with the flu, which complicated until it became pneumonia that unfortunately did not could overcome.

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