Ingrid Coronado attacks against the accusations of Anna Ferro

Anna Ferro is the controversial widow of driver Fernando del Solarsame who pointed out to Coronado to have sued the Argentine, since the presenter confessed that her children no longer have contact with the yoga instructor.

Now after that Anna Ferro assured that Ingrid Coronado had sued Fernando del Solar Shortly before he died and that, in addition, she was in charge of collecting the rent of the apartments that were in the name of the children she had with her ex-husband, Coronado pointed out that she does not think about responding to him through the media, since she prefers that things be done from the legal field.

It seems that since Fernando del Solar passed away on June 30, Ingrid Coronado has preferred to stay away from the media, just as she had not given any statements about what happened in her divorce, until this Friday.

Ingrid Coronado answers Ana Ferro

Ingrid Coronado and Fernando del Solar

It turns out that during a short meeting with the press after signing autographs for her book MujerÓn, the presenter answered some questions about the accusations made by Anna Ferro, Del Solar’s widow, against her.

In addition to noting that she never sued her ex-husband, she mentioned that she is not interested in responding with media accusations, since she prefers to do it from other media: “Litigating in the media is not my way of doing things”

As if that were not enough, when questioned about all the times she has been criticized on social networks, which have accused her of allegedly not cooperating with the support of her children, they even pointed her out as guilty of the death of the Argentine, so she commented that she has decided to remain silent.

“I bet on the legal and I have done this in all the situations of my life. I would love not to have to be in such a situation, which also costs me a fortune, but finally I have to bet on what is unfair to me and that is what I have done and have continued to do”.

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Ingrid Coronado prefers the harmony of her children

Ingrid Coronado and Fernando del Solar

“I know who I am, it’s not about pretending to be who you think people will accept, it’s about being who you are and I, that’s what I’ve embraced, what I’ve taught my children and thanks to that they are fine”.

That was what Coronado replied, also adding that what matters most to him is that Luciano and Paolo know who she really is despite the accusations that could divide them.

When questioned again about whether it is true that she sued Fernando del Solar, she stressed that, as her legal representative mentioned, she has only initiated proceedings against those people who she believes have exceeded their limits, among them the deceased Argentine was not.

“I have sued whom I have needed to put a limit on. My lawyer mentioned that I have not sued the father of my children (…) it has been a long issue”

Finally, Ingrid Coronado mentioned that, despite the fact that after the death of Del Solar Anna published photos of Luciano and Paolo with their children, the yoga instructor currently has no contact with minors.

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