Ingrid Coronado reveals that Fernando del Solar was cremated with a very special gift from his children

Almost two weeks after the death of Fernando del Solarhis ex wife, ingrid coronado, revealed that the television host was cremated with a very special gift what his children did to him.

The last goodbye to the actor of Argentine origin took place in an intimate setting where only his closest family and friends were able to attend, including his two children, Luciano and Paolowho gave him a farewell letter.

The above was revealed by Rodrigo Cachero, a friend of the presenter, and recently confirmed by Ingrid Coronado during the radio program “Conectadas”, where in addition to revealing how her children are in the face of this unfortunate loss, she shared that the suggestion of carrying a letter It was from a thanatologist, an expert who advised her to be able to face this painful experience and guide her children in the best way: “She told me that it was not necessary for them to see it, that it was better to tell them to remember it in life“.

However, the recommendation was that they attend the wake to have a clear perception of the moment they were living, which was used to deliver a couple of letters written by the children.

Yes it was important that they go to see the boxfor that to help them they would fall on twenty that their father actually died, not to be left with the illusion that maybe it wasn’t true. And we delivered these letters,” he explained.

In addition to giving him this special gift, they requested that Fernando del Solar be cremated with his children’s farewell words, which was a kind of therapy.

“We asked that he be cremated with my children’s letters and it was really healing.”

ingrid coronado

“I feel that it did help them a little to become aware that this is happening and It is a reality no matter how painful it is“, he added.

Ingrid Coronado shared that she decided to arrive in the morning so that they could live this intimate moment, in which they lived the experience.

“To me They suggested that I take them before everyone, that we be the first, and that they be alone at that moment to live that experience, and that later they would not return. That was the instruction of the thanatologist”.

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