Ingrid Martz reappears on social networks after the death of her “first daughter”

Ingrid Martz reappears on social networks after the death of her “first daughter”

Ingrid Martz shared with his social media followers that he is devastated after the death of her dog Nicky, whom he considers his “first daughter”.

It was through the stories of her official Instagram account, where the famous one revealed to nearly 2 million followers that in recent days she was a bit missing due to the death of her beloved pet, who was an important part of her family since 14 years ago he decided to adopt her.

“8 days ago one of the things that hurt me the most in my life happened and I’ve been crying, healing and trying to understand and assimilate what happened. 14 years ago I met one of the great loves of my life, with her I shared every moment, sadness, happiness, travel, happiness, the birth of Martina, EVERYTHING! ”, reads a series of images.

The actress explained that the loss of her beloved dog means great pain, since she was the one who always accompanied her to practically all places, trips and adventures, so she will always carry her in her memories.

“I can’t imagine my life without her, Nicky, my dog, my first daughter, I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t there, she was always by my side and she is and will be my daughter forever.”

Within the loving parting words, Martz He explained that the pain he has felt in recent days has very few times been experienced: “I could not even talk about this, today I made a video that cost me many tears and time to do it. It is difficult to put 14 years in two minutes ”.

Before sharing a video with which he remembered Nicky’s best moments, the television star assured that he had never met a being who gave as much love as her, which is why he will always love her.

It was last July, when through the same social network Ingrid Martz shared a video in which she explained what her pets mean and everything they have shared.

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