“Innocents”: the 5 most important things that happened in this week’s episodes

A new batch of chapters of “innocent” premiered Antena 3 this week. Of course, they had as protagonists the Derenoglu family, who once again faced their worst fears. Also, Han couldn’t hide Naci in the basement anymore and they find out that it’s the professor who has been kidnapped all this time.

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In previous episodes of innocent, Han shows his resentment against Naci, as she has made progress in recovering her sister Safiye and he has not done enough. The professor realizes that the businessman is actually envious and not hateful. Han has been the protagonist of the last chapters of “Masumlar Apartmani” (in its original language), because he has also faced Gülben, his other sister.

Esat confesses her love for Gülben, and Han reveals her biggest secret to Gülben: she has a girlish mentality and loves dolls. His sister I have heard everything and confronts him later. “You are so petty that you have managed to destroy your sister and all her dreams”she tells him through tears. “But I will not give up Esat even if you humiliate me before him”, he assures him, steeling himself and leaving Han frozen. What happened this week in “Innocents”? If you are a follower of this story, here we tell you the five most important things about the new chapters.

Gülben confronts Han and puts him in his place in “April Fools” (Photo: OG Medya)


1. Esat declares her love to Gülben

Gülben and Esat have a most intimate and sincere date. The businessman is determined to confess his feelings to the young woman, despite the fact that Han is against that love. Esat opens her heart and says: “Do you want to go out with me?” Gülben doesn’t know if this is a dream or reality: he has been waiting for this moment for 25 years. “My heart is going to burst with happiness,” confesses the young woman wrapped in tears of emotion.

2. Anil renders Esat unconscious

Anil is obsessed with Gülben and his family. In fact, he has been listening to everything at her romantic dinner with Esat; He has even moved right across the street from her house to keep track of her movements. The couple is in a romantic moment, until Anil arrives and confronts Esat upon learning of the affair he has with her. When it seemed that he had calmed down, the intruder surprises the businessman by hitting him on the head with a stone and leaving him unconscious on the ground. Gülben is shocked.

Anil is obsessed with Gülben and his family (Photo: OG Medya)

Anil is obsessed with Gülben and his family (Photo: OG Medya)

3. Safiye discovers where Naci is located

Safiye has a hunch and thinks she knows where Naci is, so she goes down to the portal and discovers a sound that confirms her suspicions: she hears Naci’s clarinet covering a song that she dedicated to her in her youth. “It’s there,” Safiye yells, pointing to the basement where Han is hiding Naci. The businessman is cornered by his own sister.

Safiye wants her brother to open the door and threatens him. Han agrees, but during his sister’s brief absence, he manages to move Naci around so the truth doesn’t come out. The businessman has decided to take Safiye for crazy before she found the teacher. Then, the young woman feels broken and desperate, because she no longer knows where to look for her lover and each time she is convinced that she will never see him again.

4. The reunion of Safiye and Naci

Safiye knows that Naci is closer to her than she thinks and Anil has the letter that confirms her suspicion. The man makes an appointment with Gülben far from the portal to deliver Naci’s letter to him, his brother finally has it in his hands. It is an emotional letter full of sincerity, love, but also pain upon discovering the fatal disease that the professor suffers from.

Not knowing where to start looking for Naci, Safiye begins to despair. You know he is very close, but you want to meet him. This is how he goes out to the portal and discovers a daisy hanging and immediately thinks of the teacher: that’s when Naci appears and they finally come face to face. They both give each other a warm and tender hug… Now, will the professor tell him that Han had him kidnapped?

5. Inci and Han’s important decision

Han’s plans are not going as expected. The situation with Naci has gotten out of hand. For this reason, the businessman decides to pick up Inci from work and spend the night away from home. The jocen is surprised that he rejects Gülben’s calls, but Han has decided to disconnect with his wife and forget about family concerns for a few hours. The couple reminisces about the beginning of their love, and Han expresses his fear of becoming a father. However, Inci will make the most important decision of their lives: “Let’s do it, let’s be parents”.

Han and Inci decide to get away from everyone for a moment to remember the beginning of their love and make an important decision (Photo: OG Medya)

Han and Inci decide to get away from everyone for a moment to remember the beginning of their love and make an important decision (Photo: OG Medya)