Instagram Considering Censoring Nude Images Sent Through Direct Messages

Instagram clarified that it will not have access to nude images sent by its users

Photo: DENIS CHARLET/AFP/Getty Images

Instagram is developing a new function that will allow them to censor all kinds of content that includes nudity and be sent through the direct messages of the social network.

With this new system, users must express their consent to be able to open the images. Alessando Paluzzi, an expert in reverse engineering and application development, showed through his Twitter account some screenshots of what the new function would look like.

In the image shared by the expert you can see a message in which Instagram details that its protection against nudity uses a technology that allows to cover the photographs that include some type of nudism. Likewise, the platform clarifies that Instagram will not have access to material sent via private messages.

They argue that this is not necessary since the image analysis technology used to hide the nudity comes from the user’s own phone, so there is no need to complete this process from Instagram’s servers.

Until now it is unknown when the new nudity detection system will reach the general publicso there is a wide expectation among users.

They also clarify that it is possible to deactivate the function at any time from the application’s configuration area.

The development of this function is part of Meta’s plans to reduce the possibility that minors or children may have access to sensitive content or content that is not suitable for them.

In this sense Instagram announced that the accounts of users under 18 years of age will begin to implement a greater number of restrictions in such a way that they do not have access to material that is not adapted to their ages.

Similarly Instagram enabled a space called the Center for Families from where parents or representatives of minors can monitor the type of content that their children have access to while browsing the Internet. This includes being able to see which accounts minors follow and which accounts follow them.

This tool also allows representatives to know if the child reports a third-party account.

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