Instagram: how to put “photos on photos” in a Story

Among its advantages, Instagram allows you to superimpose images in the same story to make the publications more attractive.

Photo: Gabrielle Henderson / Unsplash

Since its creation, Instagram has captured all our attention and has become, little by little, an application that goes beyond leisure. In recent years, it has become a necessary tool for many people or companies that, at the same time, is still fun offering a large number of options to edit or create content, in addition to the simple publication of photos that characterized it in the beginning. One of those options are stories, which have gained great popularity and have awakened the most creative side of users, who discover endless ways to take advantage of a single image every day.

However, not everything stayed there. The stories, by themselves, have also mutated and in recent updates allow the use of several images at the same time. These images can be superimposed and edited in different ways by following the steps below:

1. Open Instagram and go to the section where the stories are added to start the editing process. It is located on the home screen in the upper left corner and is distinguished by showing the profile photo and a “+” symbol in a blue circle accompanied by the phrase “Your story”.

Screenshot of Instagram startup
Instagram screenshot with showing access to stories.

2. Instagram will show the gallery of photos contained in the phone so that we can choose the image that will function as the background in the publication. Just tap on the one you prefer and it will load automatically. You can also use the “Select” option, located in the upper right corner, to choose multiple photos and create multiple stories at the same time.

Screenshot of the photo gallery seen from instagram
Screenshot of Instagram showing the phone’s photo gallery.

3. When the image is loaded, the story editing tools will be displayed. Click on the sticker icon to add overlapping elements. This tool, in turn, has a large number of options that are not only limited to stickers, it also allows you to add music, surveys, links, gifs and other images.

Screenshot showing editing a story on Instagram
Screenshot of Instagram showing editing of a story.

4. When the editing options are displayed, we must click on the one that shows the icon of a landscape. This option is on the right side of the one that is identified with the camera and should not be confused with it, since the latter is used to add photos or selfies taken in real time.

Screenshot of Instagram options for editing stories
Screenshot of Instagram pointing to the tool to upload other photos to the story.

5. By choosing this option, Instagram will return to the gallery of images previously stored in the phone. We just have to choose the one we want to superimpose and click on it.

Instagram capture with phone photo gallery
Screenshot of Instagram showing the photo gallery again where the image that will be superimposed is also chosen.

6. By clicking on the image, the one we initially chose will be fixed as a background and the new image will be superimposed. The latter can continue to be edited either by changing its position or size. The process can be repeated again from step 4 if we want to use more than two images on the same story.

Instagram capture with an image overlay story
Screenshot showing a background image and an image superimposed on the same story.

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